Hermest is a global health tourism institution expanding from Turkey to the world to act as a mediator to give the individuals the hair they have been dreaming for years. Hermest is the registered brand of International Hermest Group A.Ş. International Hermest Group A.Ş welcomes individuals from 100 different countries of the world under international health tourism service and the company is an A-group travel agency under the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and a candidate of International Health Tourism Mediator Institution of the Ministry of Health.

As International Hermest Group Health Tourism firm, we are offering hair transplant, airport transfer, accommodation and cosmetic surgery services to our guests from different countries in our contracted hospitals in İstanbul. İstanbul which is accepted as the heart of the world has become the heart of hair transplant. İstanbul that has professional hair transplant clinics in terms of cost and satisfactory results has become the most preferred city in hair transplant.
In a hair transplant, it is necessary to present results that make a difference with modern methods. With the know-how and innovative methods, 99% success rate is now possible. Lifelong guaranteed permanent solutions are possible for hair loss with the right interventions.
Hermest applied hair transplant procedures for numerous patients from 62 countries and achieved high guest satisfaction rate. We have achieved this proud reputation ranging from the US to Japan with successful operations operated until today.

Contracted Health Institutions

You can find the detailed information related to Healthy Institutions Approved By The Ministry Of Health And Has International Health Facility Accreditation We are working as mediators to arrange transportation to The Ministry Of Health approved hospitals and accommodation our clients who demand health services.